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Wedding Tasks That Should Not Be Handed Over to Your Planner

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When you are planning your wedding, a planner can make it a lot easier and less confusing. There are some wedding-related tasks that you should not leave up to your wedding planner, but instead, prioritize and handle with your significant other. These are areas pertaining to wedding details that are personal and significant. Some things you do not want to leave up to your planner are: Choosing the band. Choosing the right band for your big day is an important part of planning your wedding. Don’t leave it up to the planner; he or she will not inherently know the musical tastes of you, your friends, and guests. Visit reputable talent agencies and sites to browse and book the perfect band for your wedding or reception. You can also ask groups like The Elite Show Band about hearing a sample of their work. Tasting the cake. It is easy enough to leave ordering your wedding cake up to your planner, but why would you want to? Tasting wedding cakes at local bakeries is part of the sheer joy of planning a wedding. Call and make appointments for cake tastings with your significant other, and enjoy the experience together. Touring the venue. Don’t rely on photos or video of the venue before booking; take time out of your schedule to visit the venue in person with your partner. You want to experience the atmosphere of each potential venue, and the only way to do this is to walk around and see it for yourself. Selecting the gifts. It is customary to give a gift or memento to the members of your wedding party. Don’t leave this up to the wedding planner; this is a symbolic gesture that means a lot more when the new couple chooses it personally as a token of appreciation for taking part in their special day. Handling the seating chart. The seating chart is a big deal; if you seat your guests without careful thought, you could cause problems or discomfort later. Who knows your family and friends better than you? Take over the task of seating arrangements, and do your best to keep everyone happy. Your wedding planner will take care of anything related to pulling off your perfect wedding, but make sure that you are involved when it comes to these significant and personal tasks. Talk with reputable talent agencies, nearby establishments, and distinctive vendors to ensure your details convey the personality of you and your spouse-to-be. Use these tips to put your own personal touch on your very special wedding...

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5 Lighting Ideas For Outdoor Venues

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If you are planning a corporate event or wedding at an outdoor venue, you’ll likely be focused on the food, entertainment, and décor. An important area you don’t want to overlook is lighting. While the venue may have overhead lights strategically placed, they can be very cold and austere. You don’t want your party lit up like a baseball field! Here are five ideas to add relaxing and decorative lighting that will give your event an intimate and cozy glow. Luminaries Fill small lunch-bag sized paper bags with a few inches of sand to provide weight. Add a flameless, battery-operated LED candle to each bag, and line the walkways and paths. No need for boring brown paper sacks; party stores sell small bags in an assortment of colors that are sure to match your party palette. They also have bags that have die-cut designs, such as snowflakes, wedding bells, hearts, palm trees, and tiki statues, perfect for complementing your theme. Battery-Operated Christmas Tree Lights You can wrap these soft white lights around nearby tree trunks and bushes. You can also use them to drape from tree to tree or other tall objects, creating an overhead lighted canopy. For even more drama, hang lightweight Chinese paper lanterns from the strings. You can also hang a curtain of lights on exterior walls that adjoin your party area. Balloons Add glow sticks to simple, inexpensive balloons before you inflate them. Tie the balloon ends to string, and hang wherever you need to add soft light to your décor. You can also tie them in a bunch and create your own faux chandeliers. Use Mason Jars If you are having a rustic-themed outdoor wedding, these classic canning jars will make perfect table centerpieces. Battery-operated miniature LED fairy lights are available in an assortment of colors. You simply put one set in each jar, and voila! You can also add colored glass stones to the bottom of each glass before adding the lighting, which will add more color and weight to the jar. You can even get lights that flash, like little flickering lightning bugs. Tin cans that have been decoratively drilled with holes are another rustic and inexpensive option. Light Up Your Tables If you are using floor-length linens on your tables, you can light up the bases with portable LED camping lanterns. If you anticipate mosquitoes, you could use real lanterns with citronella oil instead to help keeps the bugs at...

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Throwing A Party? Why You Should Rent A Venue

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Throwing a party can be a great way for you to let your hair down and have a good time.  The music, food and entertainment can truly be refreshing, and give you and your guests a chance to have fun together.  If you’re hosting a party, you may have been thinking about having it in your home.  However, an even better option may be to rent an outside venue for the bash.  Use this information to learn more about why you should rent a venue the next time you throw an event. Renting A Venue Reduces Your Workload One of the main reasons you should rent a venue is that it actually helps to reduce the amount of work that you’ll need to do.  While parties are great, the planning can also be stressful.  Why not reduce your workload by taking the party to another location? When you throw a party in your home, there are so many factors to consider.  You’ll need to worry about whether or not you have sufficient bathroom accommodations, and you’ll also have to be concerned about cleanup.   That’s the beauty of renting a venue.  Although you may need to go out and decorate the space to your satisfaction, there will often be workers available who can help you with the task.  In addition, there’s always the after party cleanup that will have to take place.  If you throw a real shindig, there will likely be a lot of trash to get rid of.  Having the party at an outside venue means that you can enjoy the event, and let someone else take care of the cleanup tasks afterword. Renting A Venue Protects Your Privacy Another reason why you should have the party at an outside venue is because it helps to protect your privacy.  There may be portions of your home that you don’t want to expose to your invitees.  When you have the party at an event venue, you won’t have to worry about guarding those parts of your house. It’s natural for some people to become so comfortable at a house party that they start to roam the premises.  This can be dangerous, especially if there are a number of people at the event that you aren’t’ too familiar with.  Things can easily come up missing, and you may not know who took them. Renting a venue means that you can enjoy the party, instead of spending the evening trying to corral people into one section of your home. Obtaining an event venue for your next party could prove to be a very wise decision.  When you’re throwing your next celebration, rent a venue so you can enjoy these benefits and many...

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Questions To Ask When Thinking About Having Your Wedding Recorded

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Planning to have your wedding videotaped is a common occurrence these days. However, in order to ensure that videotaping goes well and you are happy with the edited package, ask yourself these questions. Is Videography Allowed in Your Church? Because you have seen so many wedding videos yourself, it’s easy to think that your particular church will be agreeable to having your video crew present. However, before you make this assumption only to have your hopes dashed on the day of your wedding, have a conversation about this specific subject with the person who will be performing your wedding. At that time you can also get their permission to be recorded. Do Your Guests Want to Be Photographed? Assuming that all your guests don’t mind being videotaped or photographed can cause a bit of trouble on your wedding day. Some people might become annoyed or are just so self-conscious they would rather not appear anywhere on video. That’s why it’s a good idea to make sure everyone is aware of filming; you can write a line about it on your wedding invitations. If there is a small group of people that don’t want to be recorded, you might want to put them in the same area during the reception so that the videographer knows who to avoid. What is the Videographer’s Editing Process Like? Of course, everything that the videographer records won’t end up in the final wedding film that they craft for you. That’s why you need to ask about their video editing services to discover what tools they’ll use to come up with the finished piece. Do they include onscreen titles throughout the piece to identify different guests? Do they use music synchronization or background music? How do they decide what will be edited out and what will stay in? How long is a fully edited piece? Talking to them about their process and viewing their finished packages can help you get an idea of their editing style. It is a good idea to ask them whether they use video editing software to make your wedding film; this is important because color-grading, changing the contrast and other post-wedding editing services can change the ambiance of the film. Stark contrasts can make a wedding film look classy and sophisticated, but the right editing choices can make the entire wedding seem dream-like and ethereal. After using the information above, you can feel sure that the videographer will do a great job and work well with others on the day of your wedding. Chat with a videographer, like one from Watrous Video Productions, to make the event...

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3 Signs That Becoming A Life Coach Is A Good Career Plan For You

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When thinking about potential career paths for your life, you might have never thought about becoming a life coach. However, if you have a positive outlook on life and are willing to go through life coach training, you might find that it’s the right career choice for you. These are a few signs that becoming a life coach might be a good goal for you and your life. 1. You Want to Help Others One of the main great things about being a life coach is the fact that you get to help others each and every day. Good life coaches help open up a world of opportunities for their clients and change their lives in a positive way. This can be much more rewarding than a lot of jobs, but it does come with the necessity to work with people on a personal level on a daily basis, which can be tough for some. 2. You Don’t Mind Being Self-Employed The best life coaches are self-employed. This can be a wonderful thing, but it does come with some challenges. You have to be very motivated and have to be a “self starter” in order to be a life coach. You have to be willing to look for your own clients, set up your own events and otherwise take charge of your career. This can be a wonderful thing for many people, but it does require a bit more effort on your part than if you were simply working a 9-to-5 job. 3. You Want Flexibility Some people do not mind working a standard job with a standard work schedule. If you would prefer a bit more flexibility in your day, however, working as a life coach might be the right career goal for you. It can be a great thing to have a flexible schedule, because you can decide when you do and do not want to work. You can set up your appointments based on your other priorities and can plan events to be held at times that are most convenient for you. You can also often provide a lot of your services online, which means that you can work anywhere. If you have kids or other responsibilities, or if you simply prefer to keep things flexible, this might be the best option for you. Becoming a life coach can be a wonderful career opportunity. If these three things apply to you, it’s a good idea to sign up for the best life coach training in your area so that you can learn more about this exciting career...

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Host A Carnival-Themed Fundraiser For Your Non-Profit Animal Rescue Organization

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If you operate a non-profit animal rescue organization, donations may not always provide you with enough money for food, medicine, and lodging for the animals in your care. Raise additional money for your business by hosting a carnival-themed fundraiser. The following ideas will help make your event a success and raise a considerable amount of money. Set Up A Dunking Booth Rent a dunking booth from a party rental business and have the delivery crew set it up on your business’ property. Ask your staff members if they would be willing to participate in the activity. Arrange pictures of the animals that are being supported by the fundraiser across a wooden board and set it up next to the dunking booth. On the day of the event, charge a small fee if any of the people who have attended the fundraiser would like to attempt dunking one of the people who are taking part in the game. Guests can also partake in the fun by electing themselves to be targets. Take photographs of each person who is dunked with an instant camera and give them to their owners after they have finished playing the game. Prepare Food, Refreshments, And Balloons  Rental companies, such as Highway 55 Rental & Sales, often rent popcorn makers, snow cone machines, and hot dog cookers that will help make your event feel like a real carnival. If any of your friends or family members are fond of cooking or baking, ask them to prepare some additional food items for the fundraiser. Fill a few coolers with ice and canned or bottled drinks. Set up a few tables under a canopy and cover them with tablecloths that contain an animal print. Place pictures of animals that have been rescued in the center of each table. Use one table to serve food and beverages to the guests and place the items on paper plates that have pictures of dogs, cats, and other common pets on them. Use the other tables to provide your customers with an area to sit down and relax while enjoying the food or beverages that they have purchased. Fill up some balloons with helium and draw a cat or dog face on each one. Give them to small children who are eating with their families. Provide Inflatables And Small Tokens Of Appreciation Inflatables can be used to entertain guests of all ages and will be set up and taken down by a rental company, eliminating you from having to perform any heavy labor. Select a bull ride, obstacle course, or rock climbing wall for older attendees. A bounce house or ball pit will keep younger guests busy. Rental companies often feature inflatable games, as well. Sell tickets to the guests so that they can use each item for a specified amount of time. This will ensure that each person who attends the fundraiser will get a turn to use the items that you have rented. Have bumper stickers or small card stock prints designed that contain pictures of the pets that you take care of. Hand one out to each individual who purchases a ticket to use the inflatables. After you advertise the fundraiser and the rental items are set up on your business’ property, people from the community will be able...

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Want To Work At As A Model At A Trade Show? Here’s What You Need To Know

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If you’re like most people, you have heard the term “gig economics.” People hire others to provide rides to airports, pick up their groceries and even pick up food from local restaurants. However, even though there seems to be a new catch phrase for these types of jobs, some gigs have been around for a long time. Trade show models work in much the same way of other gig-type workers; only they are hired by companies to work at events promoting the company’s products. If this intrigues you, use this guide to know what to expect.     You Are an Independent Contractor As a trade show model, the company hiring you to work the gig pays you by check, but they don’t withhold taxes. You’ll need to pay your federal, Social Security, and any state and local taxes yourself. As an independent contractor, you have the ability to work the shows you want. Some of the shows that companies hire trade show models for include: car shows film festivals home and garden shows bridal shows The majority of the time, companies who have booths or displays at these events use a “brand ambassador” agency to find their models. Once you are signed up with them, you can accept or decline any gigs offered. There Is a Dress Code Keep in mind that working as a trade show model means that you’ll need to wear clothing provided by the company, or you’ll need to purchase specific types of clothing that the company wishes you to wear. The companies often have a certain look they hope to portray, so if you take issue with wearing certain types of clothing, wearing makeup, or wearing your hair a particular way, then becoming a trade show model may not be for you. Some Hours Can Be Long As a trade show model, you typically only work the event. You are not an employee of the company that your contracted to model for, so it’s not a steady job. These companies are usually only in town for the event, so you may only work the weekend. However, expect to spend the entire weekend at the show. Some companies expect you to be there from the time the show opens until closing, with a few breaks here and there. You’ll be handing out brochures, samples and other goodies to potential clients and customers, so expect to smile a lot during these long hours on your feet. Trade show models can earn a decent amount of money for their time. So if this is something that interests you, check out some of the agencies hiring trade show models (such as, or brand ambassadors. Have fun meeting new people, earning money and having the rest of your week free to do what you...

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Finding The Perfect Location For An Awards Ceremony

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If you are planning on hosting a large business awards ceremony for employees of your corporation, you most likely do not have the accommodations within your corporation building to meet all the functions you hope to achieve during the event. Looking for the best spot to hold an event is important so that each person who attends is comfortable and able to hear everything being said. Here are some of the points you need to consider when looking for the perfect location to host your awards ceremony. Easily Viewed From Each Angle When you host an awards ceremony, there will need to be a focal point within the room or area where each person attending will be able to view without obstruction from their seat. To make sure guests are able to see each person being awarded, you may want to find a location that offers a permanent stage within the room. You also need to have enough room for guests being awarded to be able to make their way up to this focal point from their seat without fear of tripping over other guests’ on their way to the stage. Ability To Hear Without Straining Search for a facility that offers audio/visual equipment as part of the rental package if possible. This will ensure that each guest will be able to easily hear the words you speak about the award recipients, making the mystery of who will be the winners more dramatic and exciting overall. The audio equipment should be tested in advance, so you do not experience annoying feedback or embarrassing volume control problems in front of others in your company. Make A Lasting Impression When selecting a venue, you will want to find a location that exudes sophistication. Taking your group to a location that is deemed classy will give guests a sense of excitement from the moment they find out they are going to the event. This anticipation will build during the wait to the award ceremony, giving the overall impression of high-expectations. Make sure these impressions are met with an event that has a master of ceremonies to make announcements, an elaborate dinner within the facility so guests do not have to drive around, and appropriate entertainment for the guests to enjoy before the awards are presented. These extras will show you appreciate your employees, and the awards ceremony will be sure to become a favorite annual occurrence your workers will look forward to attending. For additional help on locating the right venue, contact a professional service about reserving business facilities like Chez...

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Thinking of Creative Ideas for Your Christmas Wedding Flowers? Try These Bleached Pine Cones

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If you and your spouse-to-be are planning a religious winter wedding, specifically around Christmas, you’re probably hoping to save time and money on decorations. This is due to the fact that many venues, such as churches and chapels, normally decorate for the season using the appropriate floral décor, lights, and greenery. The space you want to get married in likely has most of what you need to provide the ambiance you’re hoping for. However, you can add your own special touch to the existing floral arrangements with these bleached pine cones, and you can even add them to your bouquets and centerpieces at the reception. Step 1: Procure Your Equipment pine cones, as many as you would like and in various sizes one 2–5 gallon plastic bucket one gallon of bleach rubber gloves newspaper, paper towels, and/or a tarp plate made of ceramic or glass, no wider than the bucket’s diameter brick or other weight that can touch bleach Step 2: Toss the Pine Cones in the Bucket and Fill with Bleach Layer the pine cones in the bucket so that the gallon of bleach will fully cover all of them. If you have more pine cones leftover you can reuse the bleach and treat them the next day. Put on the rubber gloves and set the bucket on top of paper or a tarp to protect your floor from bleach splashes. Carefully fill the bucket with the bleach until the pine cones are covered. Keep the pine cones submerged in the bleach for 24 hours. To prevent them from bobbing up out of the bleach, place the old plate on top of the pine cones and the brick or weight on top of the plate. Step 3: Dry Out the Pine Cones Put on your rubber gloves again and gently remove the brick, plate, and each pine cone. Shake off the excess bleach into the bucket and set each pine cone onto a piece of newspaper or paper towel to allow it to slightly dry. Once they are no longer soaking wet, bring the pine cones outside so they can air dry naturally, as this will allow them to thoroughly dry and get rid of the bleach smell. This process can take 2–3 weeks for complete drying time depending on the humidity of your climate. Ask a florist, such as one from Aladdin’s Florist & Wedding Chapel, to add these bleached pine cones to your wedding bouquets. Additionally, use them as accents in your centerpieces and other celebratory décor at your reception. Ask your florist for more ideas on where to place these bleached pine cones so that your wedding décor is unique and fitting during this special time of...

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How to Book Hotels for a Military Reunion

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Military reunions can be a great way to show appreciation to veterans, while reuniting old friends. While planning for a large group of military veterans, there are some things you should know about booking the right hotels. Get a Head Count The first step to booking your military reunion is to get an approximate head count for your reunion. You may not be able to get confirmations well in advance, but you can approximate your numbers by counting each yes as a tally and each maybe as half a tally. Check on Discounts Once you have ballpark numbers for your reunion, start looking at hotel discounts. Group discounts can start for parties as low as ten rooms, but you can get even more significant discounts for large numbers. Be sure to take advantage of the military discounts that many hotels offer as well. Check on Amenities Another key step to booking a hotel is to make sure that your chosen venue has the right amenities for your reunion. You may want to book a conference room r a banquet hall for certain events; while not every hotel has their own meeting spaces, many hotels have relationships with conference centers and can offer you discounted bookings. The best military reunions will have an easy connection to a banquet or conference center, either by a short walk or a shuttle. Negotiate Once you have found a few hotels in your area, don’t head for the booking site just yet; you can still try to get some additional discounts by talking with a representative in person. Leverage the size of your group and the offers of competitors to get deeper discounts, shuttles, and other perks added to your package. Confirm Block Rooms Once you are ready to book with a hotel, you may want to sidestep the online reservations and book your reservation in person or over the phone. This way, you can confirm that your party will be given block rooms. Although being split up is not the end of the world, block accommodations can create a greater sense of community at your event and make it easier to communicate with all of your attendees. What’s Next? Booking your military reunion hotels is an important step for planning your event, but it’s only the beginning of planning a great reunion. Ask your military reunion hotel for recommendations on nearby activities to include in your getaway, and nearby attractions that will keep the whole family...

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