4 Catering Styles You Can Use At Your Wedding Reception

Planning how to execute the meal at your wedding reception is a big decision. The choice you make can make the difference between a spending a lot of money and having affordable costs. If you want to know the benefits of the different options, then take a look at these explanations of each wedding catering services styles and then decide which one to use at your wedding reception. A Seated Meal [Read More]

Love Feeling Scared? Go To An Escape Room With Your Friends

If you love feeling scared, you may love the month of October for Halloween. Also, you may make it a priority to play scary games or watch scary movies in your free time. Going to haunted houses may be something that you do every year with your friends, but you may want to take it a step further. This is when you should consider going to an escape room with your friends. [Read More]

How to Plan a Pumpkin Patch Birthday Party

If your little one is celebrating a birthday in October, consider hosting her party at a local pumpkin patch. Not only will the patch provide a festive backdrop to pictures, it will also keep children entertained throughout the party, especially if it offers entertainment such as hayrides and corn mazes. Prior to planning the celebration, contact the pumpkin patch to work out the event logistics. Determine whether they provide seating and tables or if you need to bring them in yourself. [Read More]

Three Tips To Spark A Fire Under Your Employees

You work hard, burning the midnight oil six days a week, working to ensure your business is successful. Unfortunately, your employees likely don't share the same level of dedication and passion to your dream. While this is understandable on one hand--after all, it's your business, not theirs--your success rests largely on the shoulders of your employees. That means it's your job to keep them motivated. Here are three tips for getting the best out of your team. [Read More]