Keeping Product Stocked In Your Food Booth

If you are setting up a food and drink tent or booth at a large county fair or concert for the first time, you will not have prior knowledge in how much you will need in supplies throughout the event. At busy outdoor events, you need to make a few advance preparations to make sure you do not find yourself running out of anything at an inopportune time. Here are some tips to use when running a food or drink booth so you do not find yourself scrambling to send someone out for supplies.

Determine Number Of Visitors

Before you set up your food or drink booth for the event, ask a few other vendors who had been there in prior years how many people they had come to their booth each day they sold their wares. Knowing how busy the event tends to get will help you prepare how much product to order to have on hand. After your first day selling at the event, take an inventory of how much you had sold and use this to figure out how much you will need of each product during subsequent days.

Keep Drinks Flowing

If you are serving carbonated or alcoholic beverages on tap, alerting your delivery supplier (such as Arizona Air Boutique Inc.) that you are going to be having a booth set up is mandatory so you do not find yourself serving inadequately flavored drinks at high-traffic times. If you find your drinks are getting low or that they aren't of high-quality, a service truck will be dispatched immediately to remedy the problem. 

A truck will come directly to the site to refill your taps and make sure the balance of carbonation is correct so customers receive a pleasing beverage at all times. Many of these services have around the clock service available simply by calling their headquarters to alert them you are in need of a refill. Make sure your booth is located where there is easy access for truck service. It is a wise idea to have cans or bottles available in one part of your food tent to use in case of a drink emergency so you can still make sales while waiting for service to your taps.

Watch Food Choices

When selling edibles at a food booth, you risk having products expire if they are not keep refrigerated. Since there is limited space on-site, you may want to consider keeping your food products to one or two cooked selections so you do not lose too much in product due to hot weather. Consider selling bagged or packaged items in addition to cooked food so you will still make a substantial profit. Another option is to have regularly timed delivery of fresh product each day at specific times so you will not run during the event.