Questions To Ask When Thinking About Having Your Wedding Recorded

Planning to have your wedding videotaped is a common occurrence these days. However, in order to ensure that videotaping goes well and you are happy with the edited package, ask yourself these questions.

Is Videography Allowed in Your Church?

Because you have seen so many wedding videos yourself, it's easy to think that your particular church will be agreeable to having your video crew present. However, before you make this assumption only to have your hopes dashed on the day of your wedding, have a conversation about this specific subject with the person who will be performing your wedding. At that time you can also get their permission to be recorded.

Do Your Guests Want to Be Photographed?

Assuming that all your guests don't mind being videotaped or photographed can cause a bit of trouble on your wedding day. Some people might become annoyed or are just so self-conscious they would rather not appear anywhere on video. That's why it's a good idea to make sure everyone is aware of filming; you can write a line about it on your wedding invitations.

If there is a small group of people that don't want to be recorded, you might want to put them in the same area during the reception so that the videographer knows who to avoid.

What is the Videographer's Editing Process Like?

Of course, everything that the videographer records won't end up in the final wedding film that they craft for you. That's why you need to ask about their video editing services to discover what tools they'll use to come up with the finished piece. Do they include onscreen titles throughout the piece to identify different guests? Do they use music synchronization or background music? How do they decide what will be edited out and what will stay in? How long is a fully edited piece? Talking to them about their process and viewing their finished packages can help you get an idea of their editing style.

It is a good idea to ask them whether they use video editing software to make your wedding film; this is important because color-grading, changing the contrast and other post-wedding editing services can change the ambiance of the film. Stark contrasts can make a wedding film look classy and sophisticated, but the right editing choices can make the entire wedding seem dream-like and ethereal.

After using the information above, you can feel sure that the videographer will do a great job and work well with others on the day of your wedding. Chat with a videographer, like one from Watrous Video Productions, to make the event memorable.