Love Feeling Scared? Go To An Escape Room With Your Friends

If you love feeling scared, you may love the month of October for Halloween. Also, you may make it a priority to play scary games or watch scary movies in your free time. Going to haunted houses may be something that you do every year with your friends, but you may want to take it a step further. This is when you should consider going to an escape room with your friends.

Although an escape room may make you feel scared on its own, you should prioritize a few things about the experience to maximize the scare factor.

Make a Night Reservation

An excellent tip is to make a night reservation for the escape room. This is important because you may not feel that scared when you walk into the building in the middle of the day. Most scary movies and games take place at night or in a dark space, so you want to do everything you can to replicate this atmosphere when you are about to go into an escape room with your friends.

Choose a Scary Theme

Some escape rooms focus more on the thrill of solving puzzles with majestic themes. But, to maximize the chance of feeling scared when you are inside the room, you should look for escape rooms that have a scary theme. Some scenarios that you may want to look for include stopping a serial killer on the loose, escaping an insane asylum, or preventing a plague from spreading.

If you have a specific preference for what scares you the most, you may want to spend a little more time researching your options to find an escape room that is guaranteed to scare you.

Go in a Small Group

When you look at possible escape rooms, you will find a lot of them that take in anywhere from 8 to 12 people for each session. This many people can reduce the scare factor, and if you are not going with enough friends to fill up the room, you will have strangers along for the ride.

An ideal situation is when you find escape rooms with a small guest count. You may even be able to reserve an escape room for only you and your friends even if the normal guest count is higher.

Following these tips when you make a reservation for an escape room will maximize the chance that you have a positive and scary experience with your friends.