3 Tips To Help Plan A Successful Fundraising Event

Planning and hosting a fundraiser of any kind is a lot of work. When all goes well, you hope that you can cover the costs of the event and still have plenty of money left over to donate to the cause the fundraiser is meant to provide for. Here, you'll find a few tips to help ensure that your fundraiser is as successful as it can possibly be.

Ensure Enough Seating

One thing that will cause your guests to leave early is not having anywhere to sit. Whether you're hosting a dinner, picnic, or concert, your guests will want somewhere to sit and get off of their feet. Long before the day of the event, look into chair rentals. If you're hosting a dinner or luncheon, you probably should consider some tables, as well.

Discuss the availability of the number of chairs. If need be, you want to be able to request more chairs from the same rental company—not only for looks sake, but also for convenience and cost.

Request Chinese Auction Basket Donations

One way that a lot of fundraisers raise funds is to request basket donations from local businesses. This can be done in person or through social media. Using social media to request the donations will not only help to get the donations, but it will also help to get the word out about the event.

You might wonder why a business would donate a basket of goods to a fundraising event. Well, it serves them as much as it serves the cause—promotional advertisement while supporting a good cause—and they can write the cost of the basket off on their taxes next year.

Raffle Cash

A lot of fundraisers offer a raffle for cash at the event. Strips of tickets are sold to the guests. Sometime through the day, a ticket is drawn and the winner gets half of the sales for those strip tickets. It can be easier to get donations if the donator thinks they might win their money back, and then some.

Tip: If you're doing Chinese auction tickets and raffle cash tickets, make sure to order different colors so that your guests don't get confused about what's going on.

Hopefully, your event is a success. It takes a lot of work and the entire community to make a fundraising event successful. Apply these tips to your plan and you will be that much closer to reaching the earning goals you hope to.