Three Barrel Tables To Rent For Your Event

When you assess your table needs for an upcoming event, one thing that you should consider is what theme you want the event to have. A formal affair will dictate tables that offer a formal style, while a laid-back gathering can be ideal for tables that appear more casual. If your upcoming event belongs to the latter category, you'll want to look for casual tables to rent. One style that many table rental services have available is the barrel table. This wooden piece of furniture has a rustic look that can work well in lots of environments. Here are three barrel tables that you may wish to rent.

Single Barrel Table

One popular option to consider is a single barrel table, which consists of an individual wooden barrel with a circular top affixed to it. In most cases, the top will be slightly larger than the barrel itself, making it a good place for a couple of people to set down their drinks and plates while they converse with one another. Single barrel tables can often be ideal if your casual event is taking place in a small space, given their small footprint.

Double Barrel Table

If you're looking for something that is larger than a single barrel table, and you want to stick with the barrel theme, consider a double-barrel table. As its name suggests, this is a table that uses two individual barrels to support the tabletop. Double barrel tables can vary in length, and it's possible that your rental company has a few different lengths that are available. Their length makes these tables useful in all sorts of applications. For a casual backyard get-together, for example, you might decide to rent two double-barrel tables and use one for holding snacks and the other for holding bottled drinks.

Half Barrel Table

Conventional barrel tables are often the right height to use while standing, but if you're looking for something that is shorter, you don't necessarily need to stray from this theme. Instead, consider renting some half-barrel tables. These are tables that consist of a barrel cut in half horizontally, which gives you a product that is half as tall as a regular barrel. Half barrel tables have small tops on them, making them a good addition to use as end tables beside a piece of furniture. Learn more about barrel tables by contacting a local table rental company, such as C & N Party Rental.