How To Create A Bicycle Team-Building Activity

You may want to do something a little different in your company to help build confidence and teamwork among your employees. You may not want to go the traditional route of holding a conference or doing the normal team-building exercises and also want to give back to the community.

One great way to get your employees interacting and talking to each other outside of the office while helping your community is to participate in bicycle team-building activities. You can build bicycles for children in your community that need them as well as help foster an interactive experience for your employees.

Here is how to create a bicycle team-building activity for your company.

Start With A Fun Activity

When you are creating your bicycle team-building activities for your employees to take part in, start with some fun activities to get them invested right away. You could hold a small scavenger hunt in which each team of bicycle builders has to find the parts for their bike before they can put it together.

If you plan on having each team build multiple bikes, you could have them earn parts of the bike by answering questions correctly in a trivia match or playing short games where there is a clear winner. The winning team earns parts of their bike until all parts have been won.

When you start your bicycle team-building activities with a fun and interactive activity first, your employees will have more fun and already be working together toward a goal.

Decide What Each Team Member Will Do

Each bicycle building team can decide between themselves what each member will do during the bicycle team-building process. The bikes don't usually take a lot of time to put together, so they could decide to divide the team in half and make two bikes at once if they feel that is more efficient.

They could also create a type of assembly line where each team member completes one part of the bike build and then passes the bike on to the next team member. It could be a timed event where the first team to complete a certain number of bikes wins a prize at the end of the event.

Have The Teams Decide Which Charity To Send The Bikes To

You could decide which charity you want to send the bikes to before you order the bikes and create the event. However, it can create a better and more interactive experience for the bicycle team-building activities to include each team in choosing which charity to send the bikes to.

You can have your employees research which children's charities are in your local area that accept donations of toys and bikes, and then narrow that down to the one that fits your ideals the best.

Including your team members in the decision-making process helps build trust and confidence in your employees.

For more information about building bicycles for charity, contact a company like Magnovo Training Group, LLC.