Stop Bugs From Ruining Your Party

For your outdoor party, you probably didn't invite all of the bugs that keep trying to bite your guests or fall into your drink. For frequent party-goers, bugs appear to be an undesirable, but seemingly unavoidable part of holding a party. But there might be ways you can keep bugs away without also covering your guests with smelly bug spray.

Eliminate the Conditions That Encourage Bugs

Do not set your party up in a location that has standing water or puddles. These are breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Any fountains you use should be kept running. Any locations that have standing water need to have the water replaced frequently, such as with bird baths. Keep your rain gutters clean so they do not become clogged with water.

Avoid tall grass and plants that provide hiding places for pests. Mow your lawn about 24 hours before you have your party to give the pests enough time to vacate. Keep your party as far away from trash and recycling as possible. These are common lures for annoying pests, especially gnats and flies. The sugary residue inside the recycling container often attracts ants.

Don't Attract Bugs with Your Food

Your food will unfortunately attract bugs, but you can reduce how many. Rather than eating and grazing all day, have a designated period where everyone will eat and then clean the food up. Try to keep the food covered when you are not using it.

Strategically Place Lighting

Place lamps and lanterns in locations where you can still see, but not so close that they attract bugs to you. Many insect species are attracted specifically to lights. You can also hang bags of water that are open and provide an easy place for bugs to get a drink.

Fill the Party with Repellents

Mosquitoes and flies hate citronella oil. Less effective are sage and rosemary. You can either spray the area with the pest repellent extract or you can consider growing the plants in your yard to drive away the pests.

Provide an Easy Source of Food and Water

If you provide pests with an easier source of food at the other side of your property, they might gravitate there. For example, consider opening a jar of jelly on the other side of your property far away from the party.

Party rental services, like Ken Rent, often provide various pieces of equipment that can protect you from bugs, including mosquito nets, ultrasound emitters and torches. If you often have a problem with bugs, ask a representative if they have anything that can help.