How to Book Hotels for a Military Reunion

Military reunions can be a great way to show appreciation to veterans, while reuniting old friends. While planning for a large group of military veterans, there are some things you should know about booking the right hotels.

Get a Head Count

The first step to booking your military reunion is to get an approximate head count for your reunion. You may not be able to get confirmations well in advance, but you can approximate your numbers by counting each yes as a tally and each maybe as half a tally.

Check on Discounts

Once you have ballpark numbers for your reunion, start looking at hotel discounts. Group discounts can start for parties as low as ten rooms, but you can get even more significant discounts for large numbers. Be sure to take advantage of the military discounts that many hotels offer as well.

Check on Amenities

Another key step to booking a hotel is to make sure that your chosen venue has the right amenities for your reunion. You may want to book a conference room r a banquet hall for certain events; while not every hotel has their own meeting spaces, many hotels have relationships with conference centers and can offer you discounted bookings. The best military reunions will have an easy connection to a banquet or conference center, either by a short walk or a shuttle.


Once you have found a few hotels in your area, don't head for the booking site just yet; you can still try to get some additional discounts by talking with a representative in person. Leverage the size of your group and the offers of competitors to get deeper discounts, shuttles, and other perks added to your package.

Confirm Block Rooms

Once you are ready to book with a hotel, you may want to sidestep the online reservations and book your reservation in person or over the phone. This way, you can confirm that your party will be given block rooms. Although being split up is not the end of the world, block accommodations can create a greater sense of community at your event and make it easier to communicate with all of your attendees.

What's Next?

Booking your military reunion hotels is an important step for planning your event, but it's only the beginning of planning a great reunion. Ask your military reunion hotel for recommendations on nearby activities to include in your getaway, and nearby attractions that will keep the whole family entertained.