Host A Carnival-Themed Fundraiser For Your Non-Profit Animal Rescue Organization

If you operate a non-profit animal rescue organization, donations may not always provide you with enough money for food, medicine, and lodging for the animals in your care. Raise additional money for your business by hosting a carnival-themed fundraiser. The following ideas will help make your event a success and raise a considerable amount of money.

Set Up A Dunking Booth

Rent a dunking booth from a party rental business and have the delivery crew set it up on your business' property. Ask your staff members if they would be willing to participate in the activity. Arrange pictures of the animals that are being supported by the fundraiser across a wooden board and set it up next to the dunking booth. On the day of the event, charge a small fee if any of the people who have attended the fundraiser would like to attempt dunking one of the people who are taking part in the game.

Guests can also partake in the fun by electing themselves to be targets. Take photographs of each person who is dunked with an instant camera and give them to their owners after they have finished playing the game.

Prepare Food, Refreshments, And Balloons 

Rental companies, such as Highway 55 Rental & Sales, often rent popcorn makers, snow cone machines, and hot dog cookers that will help make your event feel like a real carnival. If any of your friends or family members are fond of cooking or baking, ask them to prepare some additional food items for the fundraiser. Fill a few coolers with ice and canned or bottled drinks.

Set up a few tables under a canopy and cover them with tablecloths that contain an animal print. Place pictures of animals that have been rescued in the center of each table. Use one table to serve food and beverages to the guests and place the items on paper plates that have pictures of dogs, cats, and other common pets on them.

Use the other tables to provide your customers with an area to sit down and relax while enjoying the food or beverages that they have purchased. Fill up some balloons with helium and draw a cat or dog face on each one. Give them to small children who are eating with their families.

Provide Inflatables And Small Tokens Of Appreciation

Inflatables can be used to entertain guests of all ages and will be set up and taken down by a rental company, eliminating you from having to perform any heavy labor. Select a bull ride, obstacle course, or rock climbing wall for older attendees. A bounce house or ball pit will keep younger guests busy. Rental companies often feature inflatable games, as well.

Sell tickets to the guests so that they can use each item for a specified amount of time. This will ensure that each person who attends the fundraiser will get a turn to use the items that you have rented. Have bumper stickers or small card stock prints designed that contain pictures of the pets that you take care of. Hand one out to each individual who purchases a ticket to use the inflatables.

After you advertise the fundraiser and the rental items are set up on your business' property, people from the community will be able to enjoy themselves on the day of the event and you will be relieving some of the financial pressure that you have been dealing with.