Wedding Tasks That Should Not Be Handed Over to Your Planner

When you are planning your wedding, a planner can make it a lot easier and less confusing. There are some wedding-related tasks that you should not leave up to your wedding planner, but instead, prioritize and handle with your significant other. These are areas pertaining to wedding details that are personal and significant.

Some things you do not want to leave up to your planner are:

Choosing the band. Choosing the right band for your big day is an important part of planning your wedding. Don't leave it up to the planner; he or she will not inherently know the musical tastes of you, your friends, and guests. Visit reputable talent agencies and sites to browse and book the perfect band for your wedding or reception. You can also ask groups like The Elite Show Band about hearing a sample of their work.

Tasting the cake. It is easy enough to leave ordering your wedding cake up to your planner, but why would you want to? Tasting wedding cakes at local bakeries is part of the sheer joy of planning a wedding. Call and make appointments for cake tastings with your significant other, and enjoy the experience together.

Touring the venue. Don't rely on photos or video of the venue before booking; take time out of your schedule to visit the venue in person with your partner. You want to experience the atmosphere of each potential venue, and the only way to do this is to walk around and see it for yourself.

Selecting the gifts. It is customary to give a gift or memento to the members of your wedding party. Don't leave this up to the wedding planner; this is a symbolic gesture that means a lot more when the new couple chooses it personally as a token of appreciation for taking part in their special day.

Handling the seating chart. The seating chart is a big deal; if you seat your guests without careful thought, you could cause problems or discomfort later. Who knows your family and friends better than you? Take over the task of seating arrangements, and do your best to keep everyone happy.

Your wedding planner will take care of anything related to pulling off your perfect wedding, but make sure that you are involved when it comes to these significant and personal tasks. Talk with reputable talent agencies, nearby establishments, and distinctive vendors to ensure your details convey the personality of you and your spouse-to-be. Use these tips to put your own personal touch on your very special wedding day.