Keeping Guests Cool During A Hot Weather Outdoor Wedding Ceremony And Reception

If you plan on getting married during the summertime, being prepared for high temperatures and/or humidity will be necessary during this time, especially if your event is to be held at an outdoors venue, like Rainbow Gardens. There are several steps you can take to ensure your guests remain comfortable throughout your wedding ceremony and reception during a time of excessive temperatures. Here are some tips you can use to aid in keeping those attending cool if temperatures skyrocket.

Provide An Area Of Shade For The Ceremony

Making sure those attending are not placed in an area where direct sunlight is present will help in keeping people cool. It is a good idea to set up your ceremony underneath the shade of trees if possible. If trees are not in the vicinity of the wedding ceremony location, use a canvas pop-up canopy to place over the seating where guests will be located. Alternately, a thin sheet can be positioned to act as a canopy if desired. Pick out material that matches the themed colors of your event and string flowers along the edges to give it a decorative touch while it provides a cool area for guests to watch you take your vows.

Keep The Dining Area Cool And Comfortable

It is best to host the reception inside of an enclosed area if possible. This will be beneficial in keeping food out of sunlight so guests do not eat items that could cause health issues due to improper temperature control. If you do host the event outdoors, make sure a thermometer is used to check on food temperature consistently.

Rent a large tent for the reception if it is supposed to be extremely hot outdoors. Many wedding venues will have this available on the premises. Some reception venues will give their wedding clients the choice in hosting the reception in an indoor area if weather appears to be dangerous for guests. Finding a venue that allows for a last-second switch to a building if necessary is a good idea for summertime events.

If you do host the event outdoors, keep guests cooler with help from oscillating fans. Position these in the corners of a tented area or on tables located around the perimeter of an outdoor seating area. Point the fans inward toward the guests to keep airflow moving.

Keep Tabs On Guests Throughout The Event

Provide guests with paper or plastic fans to help to keep them cool during your ceremony and reception. Place these on each seat before the ceremony begins, or have them present at each place setting in the reception area. Put someone in charge of asking guests if they are comfortable throughout the event. It is also a good idea to ask the wait staff to keep guests' water glasses filled throughout the reception. Alert the musical entertainment to add some slower songs during their sets to give guests a chance to cool down during the party portion of your reception. This will help to keep people from overheating during the excitement of the event.