Starting A DJ Business? Equipment You Will Need

DJ'ing for parties and events is a great way to make some decent cash, either on the weekends or full time. Most DJs make at least three hundred dollars for each event they book, and some DJs make two to four times that. If you have decided that this is a business you want to start, you are going to need a lot of audio visual equipment. The following items should be on your "must buy" list before you open your business to customers. 

Disco Ball and Colored/Filtered Lights

It is never a party without the party lights. A disco ball or two that you can hang off your DJ table and system and several halogen stage lights with different colored filters are exactly what you need. Buy these first so that you can spend time becoming familiar with them, how to use them, and how to get the best effects from them when you use them. 

Digital Music Docking System

These days, it is not about the turntable or the CD changer (although you will need those, too). It is about the digital music docking system. This piece of equipment allows you to plug in an MP3 player, smartphone, and/or a laptop with playlists of music. Mix and match, create playlists just for clients and customers, and connect to the digital music docking system to play and amplify out to the crowd. Without this piece of A/V equipment, you will not be able to play any digital music in any digital format. 

Turntable for Vinyl

Some people are just old school. Some, like the couples celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversaries, have a vinyl record with a song on it that means everything to them, and they will want to play that. You cannot play it for them if you do not have a turntable. 

CD Player/Exchanger

Generation X is still out there, partying like everyone else. As such, you will need the CD player with disc exchanger and shuffle feature just to play all of the '80's and '90's hits that these party animals want to hear. Make sure you have lots of woofers and subwoofers to play every song as loud as you can, because people seem to like that a lot when they are having a good time dancing. 

Necessary Accoutrements

You will need woofers, subwoofers, and a sound mixer. You cannot play any party without these, especially parties where someone requests rap or R&B music. Do not forget all of your surge protector cords for all of your lights and sound equipment either. 

For more information, reach out to companies like the Audience Engagement Group.