Visiting Monterey: Here Are 3 Things To Consider When Choosing A Hotel For Your Family

Choosing a hotel room to stay in while your family visits Monterey is an important part of planning your overall vacation. If you choose the wrong hotel room to stay in, it could make your trip feel less convenient and comfortable. So in addition to thinking about cleanliness and safety when choosing a hotel room for your family, you should keep the following considerations in mind:

Your Itinerary

One important thing to think about when choosing a Monterey hotel for your family to stay in during vacation is your itinerary. You can use a map to determine where each destination, attraction, and restaurant on your itinerary is located and then find out which hotel options are centrally located and will offer easy access to the locations on your itinerary.

If you end up booking a hotel room that's clear across town from the majority of the locations you want to visit, you may end up spending more time traveling back and forth between destinations than actually enjoying those destinations. So make sure that at least half of the locations on your itinerary are located within just a couple minute's drive from your hotel room is possible.

Travel Preferences

It's also a good idea to consider your travel preferences when choosing a Monterey hotel for your family to stay in. If you plan to rent a vehicle, all you have to do is find a hotel that offers easy street access and plenty of secure parking options.

But if you want to travel by bus, you should make sure that the hotel you choose is not only located near a bus stop, but is located near a hub where you can catch multiple different buses depending on where in the city you want to go. If you want to travel by taxi, make sure that taxis will be readily available at the front desk or valet station so you don't have to call for a ride or try and wave one down on the street.

Your Indoor Downtime

How much time do you plan on spending in your hotel room? If your days will be packed with adventure and very little downtime, your family will probably be comfortable in a basic room for sleeping. But if you want to enjoy your mornings inside or eat dinner together in your room every night, your family might be better off in a small suite that includes a kitchenette and dining table.

And if you expect to spend a lot of time in your hotel room due to an injury or for some other reason, it may be a good idea to choose a room that features separated sleeping quarters so there is always somewhere quiet to rest when everyone is up and about in the room.