5 Intangible Services A Wedding Planner Will Perform

Most brides and grooms know that a wedding planner can help reduce the couple's workload. But did you know that a wedding planner helps create the perfect day by contributing in many intangible and unrecognized ways? Here are five of these less-understood but highly valuable services a good planner can offer. 

1. Design Advice

Wedding planners have seen what works and what doesn't. So if you are a bride or groom who is unsure what you want and what will look great, take along a trained pro for some useful and independent advice. This includes whatever design facets you might be less confident about — such as the dress, attendant outfits, cake styles, or reception decoration ideas. 

2. Family Mediation

Because weddings can be stressful and emotional times for both the couple and their families, conflicts can flare up without warning. Your planner is an excellent asset if you have a difficult family situation because he or she has worked with many others having similar stresses. The planner can initiate important conversations, wrangle difficult family members, and improve communication. 

3. Staying On Track

Wedding planning can easily become sidetracked, distracted, or stagnated. An inexperienced couple might spend too much time working on one small detail or be derailed by some failure of an element. But a planner's job is to keep the process moving along as it needs to in order to meet deadlines and focus on the important parts. 

4. Wedding Etiquette

Never planned a wedding before? A large wedding, formal circumstances, or opinionated friends and family can all make navigating the wedding process a minefield. Do you know how to handle party crashers? Which family members should sit where in the ceremony? What are your church rules about ceremonies? How long an ideal reception should be? Just like you'd want a guide when navigating unfamiliar waters, you should have one for this unique tradition. 

5. Capturing What's Important

In the hustle and bustle of planning and running the big day, some families miss out on the parts that make it special. A busy mother fussing with catering can easily miss the cake-cutting. Handling a drunk guest could interfere with a romantic exit. Or an overworked father might not have time to get a proper tux. Your planner helps you avoid missing out by managing the appointments and schedule as well as providing practical assistance to everyone on the big day. 

The most valuable services performed by a quality wedding planner aren't always the most obvious. But they all contribute to the best day possible. If you think you need help with wedding planning, learn more about these services by meeting with a planner in your area today.