How To Choose A Memorable Indoor Event Venue In The Time Of Corona

The global coronavirus pandemic has affected millions of people in different ways. It's resulted in record-breaking event cancelations and creative new ways to celebrate with family. Though the outlook is still a little unclear, many businesses and venues are reopening with new ways to celebrate safely.

In this article, you'll discover how to choose an awesome indoor event venue in the time of corona.

Map Out Your Guest List

The first step in choosing an impressive venue is to map out your guest list. Knowing the event invitees and purpose will inform the budget, style, and size of the venue. The capacity of indoor venues has been limited due to the global pandemic. You want your guests to feel that they can move around freely and safely. Tight seating or walking space may be legal in your area but some guests may still feel uncomfortable as the world steadily opens back up.

Make them more comfortable with socially distanced seating arrangements and plenty of access to fresh air. Remember that some seasons are busier than others. A popular venue can routinely be booked a year out so plan accordingly once you know your budget and space needs. 

Consult Your Design Plan

The next consideration is the layout of the space and if it fits with the feel of your event. It's true that you can decorate any venue to feel like it's from another time and place, but this can be costly. The way a venue flows impacts how your event will be perceived by guests. Celebrations need space for guests to rest, dance, and network while corporate events also need the front of the room to be easily viewable. 

A birthday party event center that lets you easily move from the dance floor to the dinner table is a win-win. Some venues have balconies or windows that open completely to create an indoor/outdoor feel. These places are perfect for safer socializing. Some planners may choose to have seating in a covered outdoor area while having other parts of the event indoors. This keeps people, and air, from stagnating in one area.

Also, consider things like how the place will be heated or cooled in the fall and winter months.

Check Out the Amenities

Last but not least, consider the services and bonuses of the location. Something as common as a restroom is not available with every venue. The more convenient a place is the more likely your guests will want to attend. For example, low access to parking, transit, or overnight accommodations may discourage some guests. Things like WiFi and other technology have become staples in the global culture. The lack of access to them could have people leaving your party to find a signal. 

Ask about additional services the venue provides such as catering or tables and seating. Also, ask about how they clean their facility and how often. While coronavirus will be a factor for the foreseeable future, if done correctly, it doesn't have to ruin your party.

To learn more information about choosing an indoor venue, reach out to a professional near you.