3 Ways To Enhance Chair Cover Rentals

When you need to rent chairs for an event, sometimes the chair itself doesn't match the theme or decor you seek. Make chairs look more elegant with the use of chair covers. Chair cover event rentals include enough chair covers to go over all the chairs at your event and create a uniform look.

Not only do the chair covers look great on their own, but you can enhance the rental with some nice add-ons. Check out some of the ways to enhance chair cover rentals and elevate your chair rentals to the next level.

1. Custom Decals

Add a customized design to every chair with the use of custom-printed decals. Die-cut decals cut into specific shapes can enhance the back of chair covers and add a nice visual. For example, at a wedding, consider custom decals of the bride and groom's initials.

If your event has sponsors, then use decals to showcase the sponsors on the back of the chairs. Use decals to separate specific sections of the event and provide assigned seating. When you order decals, look for vinyl stickers that can remove easily. At the end of the event, you will simply peel off each sticker before you return the linen chair cover event rentals.

2. Underchair Lighting

If the event features dimmed lights, then you can add a nice visual touch with under-chair lighting. Connect small LED lights to the bottom of the chair. The LED lights can feature a wide range of colors to match the theme of the evening. When you rent white chair covers, the white linen reflects the colors and the whole bottom of the chair will light up.

Use the light effect on the head table chairs or all of the chairs in the room if you decide to purchase LED lights in bulk.

3. Chair Sash

Add an extra layer of style to chair covers with a chair sash. The sash ties around the top of the chair and creates a nice look as a bow sits on the back of the chair. A chair sash can add a nice splash of color to the chair design and can match the color themes at your event. For example, if you host a Halloween party, you could rent chair sashes in colors like orange.

Many chair cover event rental companies will offer a sash as an extra add-on so they come with the chair as well.

Plan out your event ahead of time to find the best ways to enhance and use chair covers.