Your First Meal After Nuptials — 3 Couple's Table Style Choices

Where will you and your new spouse eat your first meal as a married couple? The wedding reception is a chance to celebrate with friends and family, but it's also your first meal together after exchanging vows. Couples generally have three choices when it comes to table size, shape, and design. Here are some pros and cons of each of them. 

1. The Head Table

A traditional head table is a long buffet table designed to seat your wedding party and/or immediate family on both sides. One or two long tables are placed in a prominent location where most guests have a good view. The diners face the guests. Most couples make the table decor similar to the decorations for the rest of the table centerpieces. However, elevate it with things like larger candelabras, more flowers, a bolder color scheme, or contrasting linens.

The head table creates structure for the reception layout, especially in a large wedding venue. It also lets you spend more one-on-one time with your closest circle. However, it can reduce the feeling of intimacy, and some couples aren't comfortable being the center of attention during dinner. 

2. The Sweetheart Table

The sweetheart table design solves a few tricky problems for some couples. This smaller table is generally only large enough for the couple to enjoy their meal together. It accords more privacy than a large, feasting head table. This can be great for those with difficult family members or seating challenges. And some guests may find it easier to approach the pair to offer congratulations due to the intimate setting.

You can also have more fun with the decor and type of table than you do with a head table. Whereas the head table seeks to match the rest of the tables, a sweetheart table is designed for contrast. Use oversize balloons, dress up the chairs, add unique table decorations, or opt for a fun and surprising table shape. 

3. The Guest Tables

Don't want to feel like the spotlight is on you during dinner? Skip both a head table and sweetheart table. Instead, simply make room for the happy couple at any standard guest table. Some couples even make room at several tables so they are encouraged to make the rounds and greet guests in a form of a moving dinner party. This is perfect for a more casual affair, a smaller reception, or a couple with few or no wedding party members.

Where to Start

Which type of table setup is right for your wedding? Start by learning more about tables, linens, decor, centerpieces, and accessories you can choose from in your area. Tour the inventory at an event rental company near you today.  

For more information about wedding decoration rentals, contact a local company.