Order a Custom Balloon Bouquet for a Dog's Birthday Party

Some people love their dogs so much that they celebrate the pet's birthday much in the same manner as they might celebrate a family member's birthday. This could include throwing a party, inviting friends, and having plenty of fun decor. If you have this mindset with your dog, you might wish to order a custom balloon arrangement to have on hand at the gathering. Not only will your guests be excited to see it, but it can also be a good feature to have in any photos you take of your dog. Find a company that specializes in custom balloon bouquets, then inquire about having these balloons in the arrangement.

Dog-Shaped Balloons

Lots of custom balloon arrangement companies have balloons that come in shapes that depict many different animals and objects, so you shouldn't have trouble finding a company that has dog-shaped balloons. Ideally, it will have a few different options, which will allow you to choose balloons that somewhat resemble your breed of dog. Even if your exact breed isn't available, it can still be fun to have a balloon bouquet with a handful of balloons that are shaped like dogs.

Paw Print Balloons

Another idea to consider for your custom balloon bouquet is to have balloons that are printed in a paw print design. There are few images that people relate to dogs more than paw prints, so this easily recognizable shape can work well on some of your balloons. You may find that paw print balloons are available in several different color schemes. This will allow you to choose some balloons that tie into the color theme of your party. For example, if you're decorating in pink, you might wish to choose pink balloons with black paw prints on them.

Twisted Balloons

Ask your balloon company if it can create twisted balloons in the shape of dogs to add a unique look to your bouquet. You might recall twisted balloons from fairs and other events when you were a kid. Balloon artists could inflate a long balloon and then twist it in different ways to create a variety of recognizable shapes. Most balloon artists can turn a balloon into a dog shape, and the addition of a few of these balloons to your bouquet will augment its look. Discuss these and other dog-related balloons with a local balloon company in advance of your dog's birthday party.

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