Don't Overlook These Benefits Of Renting A Tent

A tent can be a good addition to a wide range of outdoor gatherings. If you're planning an outdoor event, you might be thinking of renting a tent because of its ability to provide shade from the sun and shelter from inclement weather. These are the most important benefits of this structure, but it's useful to consider how the tent can offer other benefits, too — particularly in certain environments. Here are some other types of shelter that a tent can provide at your event.


A lot of people find that the leaves that fall from trees during the autumn months can be beautiful, but you don't want them to interfere with an event that you're planning. If you have an autumn gathering that will take place in a park or other area that is heavily treed, you need to realize that falling leaves could be problematic. For example, if you have a wedding with a formal dinner, no one wants leaves to be falling onto the tables and making a mess. Having a tent will catch the leaves as they fall and keep them out of your event space.

Bird Droppings

If your event is going to take place in a park or near a body of water, there may be a lot of birds in the area. This can especially be true if you plan to have food at your event, as birds in some areas congregate where there's food because they've grown accustomed to people feeding them. The last thing anyone wants at an event is for bird droppings to cause problems. Droppings that land on someone or on a table can be highly disruptive. When you rent a tent for the event, you can be confident that you won't have to contend with bird droppings.


If you're near the beach, you might occasionally encounter gusts of wind that blow off the water. One problem with wind is that it can blow sand around, which could be detrimental to your event. For example, a fine layer of sand on your event's dance floor could be slippery. People might also be bothered by sand getting in their eyes, and you certainly don't want sand blowing around when people are eating. Many tents come with side panels that you can raise and lower, so it will be easy to lower the side panels that face the beach in order to block any blowing sand.

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