5 Lighting Ideas For Outdoor Venues

If you are planning a corporate event or wedding at an outdoor venue, you'll likely be focused on the food, entertainment, and d├ęcor. An important area you don't want to overlook is lighting. While the venue may have overhead lights strategically placed, they can be very cold and austere. You don't want your party lit up like a baseball field! Here are five ideas to add relaxing and decorative lighting that will give your event an intimate and cozy glow. [Read More]

Throwing A Party? Why You Should Rent A Venue

Throwing a party can be a great way for you to let your hair down and have a good time.  The music, food and entertainment can truly be refreshing, and give you and your guests a chance to have fun together.  If you're hosting a party, you may have been thinking about having it in your home.  However, an even better option may be to rent an outside venue for the bash. [Read More]

Questions To Ask When Thinking About Having Your Wedding Recorded

Planning to have your wedding videotaped is a common occurrence these days. However, in order to ensure that videotaping goes well and you are happy with the edited package, ask yourself these questions. Is Videography Allowed in Your Church? Because you have seen so many wedding videos yourself, it's easy to think that your particular church will be agreeable to having your video crew present. However, before you make this assumption only to have your hopes dashed on the day of your wedding, have a conversation about this specific subject with the person who will be performing your wedding. [Read More]

3 Signs That Becoming A Life Coach Is A Good Career Plan For You

When thinking about potential career paths for your life, you might have never thought about becoming a life coach. However, if you have a positive outlook on life and are willing to go through life coach training, you might find that it's the right career choice for you. These are a few signs that becoming a life coach might be a good goal for you and your life. 1. You Want to Help Others [Read More]