Three Barrel Tables To Rent For Your Event

When you assess your table needs for an upcoming event, one thing that you should consider is what theme you want the event to have. A formal affair will dictate tables that offer a formal style, while a laid-back gathering can be ideal for tables that appear more casual. If your upcoming event belongs to the latter category, you'll want to look for casual tables to rent. One style that many table rental services have available is the barrel table. [Read More]

Why Choose A Wedding Ballroom For Your Reception?

Wedding receptions allow happy new couples to share their joy with loved ones. A ballroom is the perfect site for your wedding reception. Here are four reasons to look into wedding ballrooms when venue shopping: 1. Enjoy an elegant buffet. After a beautiful wedding ceremony, it's time to celebrate your union with the people you love. Many people like to celebrate their nuptials with a good meal. A wedding ballroom can provide an elegant buffet for you and your guests. [Read More]