Host A Carnival-Themed Fundraiser For Your Non-Profit Animal Rescue Organization

If you operate a non-profit animal rescue organization, donations may not always provide you with enough money for food, medicine, and lodging for the animals in your care. Raise additional money for your business by hosting a carnival-themed fundraiser. The following ideas will help make your event a success and raise a considerable amount of money. Set Up A Dunking Booth Rent a dunking booth from a party rental business and have the delivery crew set it up on your business' property. [Read More]

Want To Work At As A Model At A Trade Show? Here's What You Need To Know

If you're like most people, you have heard the term "gig economics." People hire others to provide rides to airports, pick up their groceries and even pick up food from local restaurants. However, even though there seems to be a new catch phrase for these types of jobs, some gigs have been around for a long time. Trade show models work in much the same way of other gig-type workers; only they are hired by companies to work at events promoting the company's products. [Read More]

Finding The Perfect Location For An Awards Ceremony

If you are planning on hosting a large business awards ceremony for employees of your corporation, you most likely do not have the accommodations within your corporation building to meet all the functions you hope to achieve during the event. Looking for the best spot to hold an event is important so that each person who attends is comfortable and able to hear everything being said. Here are some of the points you need to consider when looking for the perfect location to host your awards ceremony. [Read More]

Thinking of Creative Ideas for Your Christmas Wedding Flowers? Try These Bleached Pine Cones

If you and your spouse-to-be are planning a religious winter wedding, specifically around Christmas, you're probably hoping to save time and money on decorations. This is due to the fact that many venues, such as churches and chapels, normally decorate for the season using the appropriate floral d├ęcor, lights, and greenery. The space you want to get married in likely has most of what you need to provide the ambiance you're hoping for. [Read More]