Three Tips To Spark A Fire Under Your Employees

You work hard, burning the midnight oil six days a week, working to ensure your business is successful. Unfortunately, your employees likely don't share the same level of dedication and passion to your dream. While this is understandable on one hand--after all, it's your business, not theirs--your success rests largely on the shoulders of your employees. That means it's your job to keep them motivated. Here are three tips for getting the best out of your team. [Read More]

Keeping Guests Cool During A Hot Weather Outdoor Wedding Ceremony And Reception

If you plan on getting married during the summertime, being prepared for high temperatures and/or humidity will be necessary during this time, especially if your event is to be held at an outdoors venue, like Rainbow Gardens. There are several steps you can take to ensure your guests remain comfortable throughout your wedding ceremony and reception during a time of excessive temperatures. Here are some tips you can use to aid in keeping those attending cool if temperatures skyrocket. [Read More]

Wedding Tasks That Should Not Be Handed Over to Your Planner

When you are planning your wedding, a planner can make it a lot easier and less confusing. There are some wedding-related tasks that you should not leave up to your wedding planner, but instead, prioritize and handle with your significant other. These are areas pertaining to wedding details that are personal and significant. Some things you do not want to leave up to your planner are: Choosing the band. Choosing the right band for your big day is an important part of planning your wedding. [Read More]